Charm Farm Gold and Rubies Hack


Charm Farm has a lot of the elements that normal farming games have, but the player quickly finds out it’s different. Not entirely unique in its mechanics, of course, as there are many similar games on facebook. In Charm Farm,… Continue Reading

Farm Seasons Coins and Rubies Hack


Farm Seasons is, as the name suggests, a farming game very similar to the hundreds of farming clones that can be found all around facebook. It has all the standard things you’d expect from this kind of apps, but nothing… Continue Reading

Pixel Hero Gold and Red Diamonds Hack


Pixel Hero, created by Game321 is one of these weird RPG games that play themselves, although not entirely. Your characters go on adventures and gain experience automatically, even when you’re offline. There are some additional elements in the game with… Continue Reading

Fashionista Gold Coins and Diamonds Hack


Fashionista is a management game created by ShineZone where the player takes on the role of a fashion designer. Your goal is to become famous and respected in the fashion world, while also creating a business that will shine and… Continue Reading

Mars Frontier Resources and Alloy Hack


This is the only working Mars Frontier Hack available for download online. If you are looking for an easy and quick way to get unlimited amounts of Water, Iron, Energy and Alloy, then get this tool. Mars Frontier is a Facebook game… Continue Reading

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Download this Jungle Wars Hack if you want to get unlimited mana, food and coins without getting detected. Jungle Wars is a competitive browser game in which you become a chief of a tribal village in the middle of an endless… Continue Reading

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Get this WindGlory Hack and use it to generate unlimited amounts of Gold and Gems, without being detected. WindGlory is a browser-based free to play combat game released by Proficientcity, a well known developer of MMO’s. Altough at a first glance it… Continue Reading